Artist Bio

(b. 1956, CHINA)


According to the view of the Romantics, art is nothing less than the infinite, descended and reborn in finite form. Viewed in this light, Yu Nancheng’s works can be seen as just such a coming together of the finite with the infinite. The crowds of practitioners in Yu Nancheng’s works are arrayed in immaculate rows – expressions of a perfect order meant to transcend mankind's primal fear of entropy and disintegration. However, the real difficulty lies in the question of how to best awaken the latent capacity for imagination and ideas that human beings possess, and in doing so provide the human spirit with a sense of history and a faculty for reason that will free us from the gnaw of that nameless fear.



N. C. Yu



2014 Solo Exhibition, Ode to Art Gallery, SINGAPORE
2012 Tai Chi Series, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG 
2011 M50 Creative Park, Shanghai, CHINA 
2010 Tai Chi Series, Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, CHINA 
2009 Tai Chi Series, Li Kai Lin Gallery, Manchester, UK 
2007 Rhythm of Life, Moganshan Road, Shanghai, CHINA 
1979 Changzhou Youth Club, Changzhou, CHINA



2016 Singapore Contemporary Art Show, SINGAPORE
2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show, HONG KONG
2015 Shanghai Art Fair, CHINA
2014 China Red Exhibition For the Year of the Horse, Shanghai, CHINA
2013 Asia Contemporary Art Show, HONG KONG
2013 Art Apart Fair, SINGAPORE

18th LA Art Show(2013), LA, US 

2012 Hong Kong Art Walk, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG 
Spoon Art Fair 2012, Grand Hyatt, HONG KONG 
2011 Christmas & New Year Exhibition, Intercontinental Shanghai Expo, Shanghai, CHINA 
China Red Series, Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, CHINA
2010 China Red Series, Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, CHINA
2009 Taiwan Private Art Museum, TAIWAN 
Tai Chi Series, Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, CHINA 
Young Presidents Organization, HONG KONG 
2008 Opening Ceremony, China Mergers & Acquisitions Associations, Shanghai, CHINA 
Red Series, Point Jing’an, Shanghai, CHINA 
1989 Changzhou United Arts Association, Changzhou, CHINA 
Oil Painting Exhibition, SINGAPORE
1982 “Bird-and-Flower” Exhibition, Changzhou, CHINA 
1980 Changzhou Daily News – Chinese Paintings Exhibition, Changzhou, CHINA 
The Second Jiangsu Youth Art Exhibition, Jiangsu, CHINA 
1978 The First Jiangsu Youth Art Exhibition, Jiangsu, CHINA



  • Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong 

Works held in private collections in USA, UK, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE