Artist Bio

(b.1954, CHINA)


In Chen’s huge striking canvas, the viewer is confronted with close-cropped realistic portraits of blackened-faced miners where the artist aims to encapsulate the spirit of his subjects with a tender heart and his sense of social responsibility in bringing their harsh working conditions, slim income and the lowly social status to the attention of the world. Chen is deeply moved by the simple, unadorned lives of the miners and tries to instill life’s vibrancy, optimism and humor in these portraits.


Chen Guangming


Xu Bei Hong Studio, The Central Institute of Fine Arts, CHINA




2013 Retrospective: Coal Miners, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG
2008 “Miners”, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG
2007 “Miners", Pata Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
2006 Pata Gallery Beijing, CHINA
1997 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
1996 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA




Art Stage Singapore 2017, Wellington Gallery, SINGAPORE


Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei, TAIWAN


Spoon Art Fair, Grand Hyatt, HONG KONG


“The Texture of Life” Joint Exhibition, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG


Hong Kong Art Walk 2010, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG


Hong Kong Art Walk 2009, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG


Hong Kong Art Walk 2008, Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG


"Hot Land", No. 1 Artistic Area Beijing, CHINA


No.1 Artistic Area Beijing, CHINA


Oil painting “Still Life”, Inner Mongolia Painting Show, Buryat, CHINA


Oil painting “Alleyway”,Toronto, CANADA
Oil painting “Still Life”, Inner Mongolia Painting Show, Beijing Natural Cultural Palace, CHINA


Oil painting “A Hetao Oil farmer”, Inner Mongolia Youth Art Exhibition, CHINA

1982 Oil painting “Spring”,  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Painting Exhibition, Inner Mongolia, CHINA


Awards and Grants

2004 Oil painting “Qiangtang People” was selected for the 10th National Arts Show and won the Golden Prize, CHINA
2003 Oil painting “Qiangtang People” was awarded top prize in NationalArt Exhibition, CHINA
“National Stars Award” issued by the Ministry of Culture, CHINA
2002 Oil painting “Father and Son” was awarded top prize in Liaoning Provincial Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary Speech and was selected for the National Art Exhibition, CHINA
2001 Oil Painting “Miners” won the Global Prize of the Liaoning Art Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of CHINA
Excellent prize and honorable mention of the National Art Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party, CHINA



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Wellington Gallery, HONG KONG

Works held in private collections in DENMARK, USA, COSTA RICA, SINGAPORE and HONG KONG