Artist Bio

(b. 1965, CHINA)


Considering the dual meaning of “uniform” in Chinese - “dress of certain profession” and “conformity of bodies or spirits when subjected to an external mandatory force”- Shen is interested in showcasing his fellow servicemen, with techniques that stray away from traditional realism, Shen’s works aims to exhibit or depict the image of the hero from a new perspective in both painting and sculptural form.  His recent works are plain, sincere or even silly and placid: with forward gaze beyond reach and cartoon or toy-like style facial expressions and postures. In some of his works of ceramic, porcelain and bronze, even the eyes are hollowed out to emphasize symbolism. Shen has reproduced the heroes that have been so far away in his own terms of idealism, in a society full of utilitarianism and commercialism.




Nanjing Xiao Zhuang Normal School, 1984
Nanjing Institute of Arts, 1991




2010 We could be heroes II, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, HONG KONG
New Yan Gallery opening, HONG KONG
2009 Hero, Volta Art Fair, New York, U.S.A. 
2008 The Dearest Person, Beijing Today Art Museum & Beijing Millennium Time Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
Heroes – China Square, New York , U.S.A. 
2007 Making Heroes for ten years, Beijing Imagine Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
We Could Be Heroes, Yan Gallery, HONG KONG 
2006 One Painting, Beijing 88 ART Document Storehouse, Beijing, CHINA
Image of Hero, Beijing Millennium Time Gallery, CHINA 


2011 East/west: Visually Speaking, Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL, USA
Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Gallery, Louisiana, USA
Over lapping world-Nanjing contemporary Art Exhibition, Good Art Gallery, Nanjing, CHINA
Prints and Marks - contemporary art exhibition, Morden Art Museum, CHINA
Time and Fables – Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Space, Beijing, CHINA
Thinking? –Contemporary Artist Joint Exhibition, Xin Buo Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA
2010 Chasing Flames - Chinese Group Show, Zadok Art Gallery, Miami, FL, USA
State of the Dao: Chinese Contemporary Art, Lehman College Art Gallery, New York City, USA
Reshaping history- Chinart from 2000 to 2009, China National Convention Centre Beijing, CHINA
2009 Tension at Poles – Invitational Exhibition of Works of Masters from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, Luodai Town, Chengdu, CHINA
Trust – Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Star Factory Art Center, Beijing, CHINA
Context – Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Beijing Foundery Museum of Art, CHINA
Memory of China – Exchange Exhibition of Chinese and Spanish Artists’ Works, Time Space in 798 Factory, Beijing, CHINA
Strength of Practice, the Third Documenta of Contemporary Chinese Prints, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, CHINA
Red Memory, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, CHINA
China - Korean Exchange Exposition, 798 Yan Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
Invitational Exhibition of Experimental Contemporary Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Songzhuang, Beijing, CHINA
Chengdu Biennale, New International Convention & Exposition Center, Chengdu, CHINA
Visual Presentation of Identity, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, CHINA
2008 The Most Beloved People, Today Art Museum & New Millennium Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
Multiple Perspectives – Exhibition of 11 Chinese Contemporary Artists’ Works, Beijing You Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
Assembling under the Five Rings, Legend Hotel, Beijing, CHINA
Up North – Exhibition of Jiangsu Artists’ Works, Egret Art Center, Beijing, CHINA
Up North, Down South, Art for All Society, Beijing , CHINA
Post-Modern Expression of Red Classics, Dong. Coffee. Event in 798 Art Zone, Beijing, CHINA
Strength of Practice – the Second Document of Contemporary Chinese Prints, Nanjing Museum, CHINA
Drifting – China – Korean Exchange Exposition, Top Gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, CHINA
2007 Revolution, China Square Gallery, New York, USA
Making Heroes for ten years, Beijing Imagine Gallery, CHINA
Progressive Action, Beijing Millennium Time Gallery, CHINA
Body Impression – The Human Body in Contemporary Chinese Art, Red Gate Gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, CHINA
Tie – Path, You Gallery, Beijing, CHINA
The Fourth China International Art Gallery expo, Beijing National Trade Center, CHINA
2006 Under the Rainbow – Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, South Korea
One painting exhibition, Beijing 88 Art Document Storehouse, CHINA
Image of Hero, Beijing Millennium Time Gallery, CHINA
Wuji, Beijing 88 Art Document Storehouse, CHINA
Ash and Red – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Xinrui Art Plan, CHINA
Imagination Gallery joint exhibition, Beijing Imagination Gallery, CHINA
The Third China International Art Gallery Expo, Beijing National Trade Center, CHINA
Consuming Time, Beijing Sa' te Art Space, CHINA
Qingzhou International Plastic Arts Exhibition, Shandong Qingzhou Museum, CHINA
The Breadth of Painting Determines Attitude Photography Double-year Exhibition, Pingyao, CHINA
Your Art Gallery September Joint Exhibition, Beijing Your Art Gallery, CHINA
Artistic Beijing, Beijing Farming Exhibition Museum, CHINA
2005 3N Works Exhibition, Beijing Imagination Art Gallery, CHINA
The Second China International Art Gallery expo, Beijing National Trade Center, CHINA
The Second Dashangzi Art Festival, Beijing 798, CHINA
Look Forward, Walk Together Contemporary Four Soldier Works Exhibition, Beijing Jiang Art Center, CHINA
Illness – Hongmen visiting artists joint exhibition, Beijing Hongmen Art Gallery, CHINA
I Love Beijing, Beijing Suojia Village, CHINA 
Kungfu, Beijing 88 Art Document Storehouse, CHINA 
On the One is Cloud, and On the Other Hand is Rain, 1st Songzhuang, Beijing, CHINA
Illness--our today' s art, Nanjing Art Gallery, CHINA
2004 30th Anniversary Exhibition of Jiangsu Painting Magazine, Nanjing Institute of Museum, Nanjing, CHINA
An Huaizhi- Shen Jingdong Works Exhibition, Beijing Jiang Art Center,  Beijing, CHINA
8 Minus 1- Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing 88 Art Document Storehouse, CHINA
Artist exchange exhibition, Nanjing Red Classic Art Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA
Anderlius Art Gallery, Beijing Huanbitang Art Gallery, CHINA
2003 Shadow Art Exhibition, Kunming Art Storehouse, CHINA
The measure of Pupil Distance, Video recording works exhibition, Shenzhen, CHINA
Are you Familiar ? – Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, Nanjing Shenghua Shenghua Art Center, Nanjing, CHINA
Today' s China Fine Art exhibition, Beijing Shijitan, CHINA
Drama Immortal, China Belgium Artists Communicating Exhibition, Xiamen Europe Culture Exchange Center, CHINA
The Difference and the Same, China Slovenia Artists Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai Toronto Art Museum, CHINA
100 Artists Tell Their Own Stories, Nanjing Banpo Bar, Nanjin, CHINA
2002 Open Platform third International Performance Art Festival, Xian, CHINA
Daydream, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Museum, CHINA
2001 China Performance Photography Exhibition, Italian Asian - Pacific Contemporary Art Document Museum, ITALY
The 2nd Asian-Pacific International contemporary Art Biannual Exhibition, Italian Genoa National Modern Art Gallery, ITALY
China Plan-Circumrotating 360, HaiShangshan Art Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA
100 Artists’ Faces Concept Photography exhibition, NanJing Orange Gallery, CHINA
N Roles Exhibition, Nanjing Navy Commanding Institute, China
Basking, Nanjing, China
2000 See Horizon concept photography, Xiamen, China
Partial Clicking Concept Photography exhibition, NanJing Daguangming Mall, China
Ink, Ink, Ink Art exhibition, Shanghai Liu Haishu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Asia International Peace Modern Fine Arts Exhibition, Nanjing Museum, China
View Communication - China Concept Photography Art Exhibition, Italy
1999 Today’s Environment and Arts, Shanghai Modern Art Museum, China
The 3rd  Travelling exhibition of “Borderline Vision”, Shanghai East China Normal University, China
100 Years, 100 Persons, 100 family Names, Art School of NanJing Normal University + Shanghai Yibotang Gallery, China
1997 Exhibition of China contemporary Art works, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
2nd  Travelling exhibition of “Borderline Vision” , Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China
1996 The First Travelling Exhibition of “borderline vision”, Nanjing Jiangsu Art Gallery, China
1995 95 Period-Breaking Through exhibition, Nanjing Jiangsu Arts Institute, China
Exhibition of Jiangsu Art Monthly, Nanjing Arts Institute, China
1994 New Face exhibition, Nanjing Arts Institute, Nanjing, China


Artprecium, Bonhams, Council, Hosane, Poly International Auction, Ravenel 



Military Drama Troupe of NanJing Military Area, NanJing, China, 1991-2007


  • Frost Art Museum, Florida, USA
  • Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Gallery, Louisiana, USA
  • Beijing Today Art Museum, CHINA
  • Beijing Foundery Museum of Art, CHINA
  • Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, CHINA
  • Shanghai Modern Art Museum, CHINA
  • Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, CHINA
  • Shanghai Liu Haishu Art Museum, Shanghai, CHINA
  • Nanjing Institute of Museum, Nanjing, CHINA
  • Nanjing Museum, CHINA
  • Shandong Qingzhou Museum, CHINA