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Blossom - Fang Hui

Fang Hui


48 years old Chinese artist FANG Hui is exhibiting his works from Blossom series in Wellington Gallery from 21 May - 22 June 2013. The exhibition documented the progress of the artist from 2007 - 2013, from the use of color, composition, brushstroke and maturity; we witnessed FANG blossom out into one of the most influential artist in Beijing.


Born in 1965, China, FANG is widely regarded as one of the front-runners of Chinese contemporary movement. This former arts teacher at Beijing Institute of Art graduated from Hebei Provincial Arts and Craft Institute, has held numerous joint and solo exhibitions in Europe and China. His art has been favorites of private collectors in Europe, America, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is now in Hong Kong for the very first time to meet his many fans and patrons.


FANG's paintings stand out with quiet solitude, in that they are more of reflections of his inner being, in the midst of the frantic proliferation of Chinese creative circle and its ever-increasing population of followers and amongst the many new works with political statements and under influence of western popular cultures. Paintings by FANG are clearly identifiable, aside from the characteristic composition, colour and subjects, there are added effect of relief. Subtle spatial perspective and muted contrast of lighting and shadings were deployed and often accompanied by the instilled tranquility.

His works morphed over the years with maturation of his favorite subject: Children possessing a timeless quality and an air of reminiscence. However, the children depicted in FANG's paintings do not possess any heightened poetic emotion, instead tended to exist in a state of muted contemplation or in the midst of some quiet sorrow. These children, showing no expectant or optimistic expressions about their future, in essence become the vectors of FANG's own lingering memory of growing pain. This air of reminiscence glosses his paintings with a sense of calm, and quiet serenity.


Many of the faces of the children are blue, a favourite colour of FANG, nicknamed the 'Violet Killer' by his teaches and classmates for his obsession of painting blue violets in scenery sketches in his youth. Believing in the innate reminiscing property of blue he experimented with various shades, to express calm and melancholy, and FANG has become a master painter in using blue to strike a chord with his viewers.


FANG Hui puts great effort in reflecting human psychological state in his work, but achieved it through implicitly styled features. One has to come up close to appreciate the fine details of his work, especially in the slight upturned mouth; or the minute arching of the brows; or the weakly flared nostrils, some time even in the playful flow of a streak of hair. These children are painted against a simple background, as if they are sheltered in stillness, insulated from the external world of incessant turmoil, and retain their purity of thought and spirits.



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